Eric Lennarth
Miljöaktiverare, 1987/2017

Jacob Dahlgren 
Primary Structure
Kari Cavén 
Cow Chapel, 1993


Anne Thulin 
Double Dribble, 2010

Robert Wilson
A House for Edwin Denby, 2000

Sculpture becomes Motion in the Sculpture Park at Wanås

Movement is the theme as The Wanås Foundation’s feature exhibition opens on May 7 and the exhibitions at Wanås celebrate 30 years. SculptureMotion  brings together works that examine sculpture and movement and sculpture that invites action both swift and still. Six Swedish, Nordic, and international artists –  one of which is an artists collective – participate in the exhibition that also includes moving image and performance. The artists begin with movement – adding, being, reproducing movement, the memory of movement, and emphasizing the dual meaning of the word “movement”: active physical movement, but also movement as mobilization. One of the world’s foremost choreographers, William Forsythe, presents his choreographic objects in Sweden for the first time, and the exhibition also introduces Sonia Khurana. The exhibition program includes a Walk & Talk with William Forsythe, a performance weekend with artist group Mammalian Diving Reflex, and choreographer Maria Hassabi’s outdoor performance Staged  which is also part of this year’s documenta

Carolina Falkholt, Train of Thought. Photo: Mattias Givell

William Forsythe, Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No 3, 2015. Photo: Dominik Mentzos

Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, If the People Have No Bread Let Them Eat Cake, 2002. Photo Henrik Plenge Jakobsen

Sonia Khurana, Film Stills; The logic for birds. Photo/Video Eduardo Huerta and Katerina Bruch Courtesy Casa Asia Barcelona

Éva Mag, work in progress, 2017. Photo: Mattias Givell

Mammalian Diving Reflex, These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood, 2012. Photo: William Pemulis

Eric Lennarth, Miljöaktiverare, 1987-2017. Photo: Mattias Givell

Peter Mills, Den kosmiska havsträdgårdspassagen with Rachel Tess. Photo: MARC

Kezia Pritchard, The water knows, 2017. Photo: Kezia Pritchard


Movement stands in contrast to what sculpture is commonly associated with – the permanent and static. One artist who challenged that idea was Alexander Calder, who already in 1931 with his mobiles let objects leave the podium and move freely in the air before us. One of the world’s foremost choreographers William Forsythe’s oeuvre is the starting point for the exhibition SculptureMotion. While Calder spoke of Objet ballet , Forsythe talks about choreographic objects , something he has worked with for 20 years. Read more about SculptureMotion

Exhibition period: May 7 – November 5 2017

The first exhibition to open in 2017 will be Revisit 1987 in the Art Gallery and the sculpture park. That year marked the first art exhibition at Wanås, and now, 30 years later, there is a permanent collection comprised of 60 artworks. But what did the first exhibition look like? Through an indepth look at archival material such as photographs, films, we turn back time to 1987. In the sculpture park Eric Lennarth's (SE) 100 m long installation Miljöaktiverare from 1987 is recreated. Read more about Revisit 1987 - art at Wanås

Exhibition Period: April 14 – September 24, 2017

Upcoming exhibitions 

Poul Gernes – special projekt 
Opening: September, 2017. Dates to be announced. 

Jennifer Forsberg 
Opening: September 30, 2017