Eric Lennarth
Miljöaktiverare, 1987/2017

Jacob Dahlgren 
Primary Structure
Kari Cavén 
Cow Chapel, 1993


Anne Thulin 
Double Dribble, 2010

Robert Wilson
A House for Edwin Denby, 2000


How would you like to have Wanås on your bookshelf? In addition to producing and exhibiting art, Wanås Konst publishes catalogs and books. Comprehensive catalogs have been produced for every show since Wanås was founded in 1987. Wanås Konst's publications can be purchased in Wanås Shop or ordered easily through


Wanås Konst #14

A magazine about everything that is happening at Wanås Konst the 2014 season. André Lepecki about Dance Me, Katarina Wadstein MacLeod on Helene Billgren, Susan Sontag on the unseen alphabet of CF Reuterswärd, interviews with Klara Kristalova and Martina Lowden who collaborated on the Childrens Book, as well as  with Juan Pedro Fabra Guemberena, Jan Håfström and CM von Hausswolff, the artist behind the installation in the Art Gallery, UNVERGESSEN (Graf Spee III) a revisit of the permanent installation at Wanås Konst, interview with founder Marika Wachtmeister, and a presentation of the season by co-directors Elisabeth Millqvist and Mattias Givell.  Wanås Konst #14 also has presentations of participating artists, the collection  and about Wanås Konst Learning. Wanås Konst #14 is in English/Swedish. For an extensive presentation of the collection we recommend a recycled 2013 guide. 2011 - 2013 an updated guide has been produced annually about the year's exhibitions and the permanent collection of the Park. Before 2011 only exhibition catalogs were published about the year's program.

How to become a stone
and other songs from the woods of the wildboars'

(Art project)

Klara Kristalova and Martina Lowden present this year’s art book for children How to become a stone and other songs from the woods of the wildboars'. The book is the fourth in a series, that each year invites new authors and artists to collaborate on the children’s book experiment that takes place among the art in the park, in reality and within imagination. 

Writer Martina Lowden describes how she related to the images when writing: “it was from Klara’s imagery that the fauna came. The black fox and all the moths, rock-faces and branch-hands. The girl in the pond, the girl in the tree, the girl in the moon…”. Kristalova works with drawing and sculpture, and for many years she has been exploring glazed ceramics. She refers to her sculptures as three-dimensional sketches. The figures are often in transition to become someone else or something else. This year some of the pictures find their way out of the book to become five sculptures to discover in the Park. The story is in Swedish and available to read and listen to. Borrow the book or an audio version in the Art Gallery.

How to become a stone
and other songs from the woods of the wildboars'
Editor: Elisabeth Millqvist
Written by: Martina Lowden
Art by: Klara Kristalova
Printed: Litografen i Vinslöv AB
ISBN 978-91-977558-8-7
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Price: 180 SEK + shipping


In the multi-stage project A Smile for You, Jeppe Hein has focused on the concept of happiness, questioning what happiness is. In the spring and summer of 2013 there were two partially parallel exhibitions of Jeppe Hein's work at Bonnier Konsthall and Wanås Art. The result is a joint publication, which, in addition to rich visual material from the show itself, contains both audience responses to Jeppe Hein's question on the nature of happiness, as well as texts by art historians about happiness in contemporary art. The book is published by Koenig Books.

Edited by: Sara Arrhenius, Mattias Givell, Jeppe Hein, Camilla Larsson, and Wiebke Petersen
Graphic design: All the Way to Paris
Language: English
Published by: Koenig Books, London, 2013







(Art project)
Now and then on an especially clear night under a full moon, people wandering at night will see a cow walking through the sculpture Park. Sometimes daytime visitors also see a cow in some of the artworks. Maybe in a tree, one time on top of a pyramid. It's Sam the Cow, who's looking for art in the Park on the other side of the stonewall.

Cows Can Dream is the third in a series of children's art books about Sam's experience of art and the Park in reality and fantasy. Each year a new writer and artist experiment with the children's book. In 2013 the project was presented as both a book and an exhibition. In 2016 the English translation Cows Can Dream were published.

Cows Can Dream (2013)
Editors: Elisabeth Millqvist, Mattias Givell
Written by: Jason Diakité
Art by: Maria Bajt
Printed: Litografen i Vinslöv AB
ISBN 978-91-977558-7-0
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Price: Sold out

Cows Can Dream (2016)
Editors: Elisabeth Millqvist, Mattias Givell
Written by: Jason Diakité
Art by: Maria Bajt
Translation from Swedish: Elaine Bosak
Printed: Litografen i Vinslöv AB
ISBN 978-91-982575-3-3
Thank you to Jacob Wallenberg Foundation & Propexus
Price: 250 SEK + shipping


Images and texts depict the art and structures of a sculpture park far off the beaten track. Wanås is a place where art, nature, and history meet. The synthesis of contemporary art, a medieval castle, and a working organic farm is completely unique. The book offers a range of perspectives and approaches that cover Wanås's 25 years (1987-2012) of operation. The texts look back, look forward, and deepen our understanding in a richly illustrated publication that follows our art collection through the years.

Imagine Art – In Nature at Wanås
Published by Balkong Förlag
Hardcover, Illustrated, 220 x 295 mm, 272 pages
Design: Mattias Givell
Photos: Mattias Givell and Anders Norrsell
ISBN 978-91-85581-70-2
English edition ISBN 978-91-85581-75-7
Price: 375 SEK





(Art project)
Look at the leaf. A catepillar hatches, then hides. 
In the pond a single rose is floating. 
Discover plants, insects, and traces. 
The images narrate a poetic picture book for all ages. 
The title is taken from a poem by the 18th century English poet William Blake.

We watch as Sam takes a closer look at nature in Wanås Art's second children's book, part of a series based on Sam the Cow's adventures and experiences at Wanås in reality and fantasy. Every year a new artist and author takes on Sam's story. Anna Camner, born in 1977 in Stockholm, created the 2012 edition. She studied at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm.

The Sick Rose
Images by Anna Camner
Edited by Elisabeth Millqvist, Mattias Givell
Printed at Elanders
ISBN 978-91-977558-6-3
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Price: 160 SEK + shipping



(Art Project)
In this story of pearl tears and whispering winds, we meet the children of the castle and Sam the ancient Water Witch of the pond. The story takes place at Wanås Park among the trees and the art, but the words and pictures take you away to a magical and fantastical place. The Enchanted Park is the first in a series of children's books about Sam’s experiences at Wanås in reality and fantasy. Every year new writers and artists collaborate on a children's book about Sam at Wanås. The first in the series is by writer Astrid Trotzig and artist Fredrik Söderberg.

The Enchanted Park (2011)
Editors: Elisabeth Millqvist, Mattias Givell
Written by: Astrid Trotzig
Images: Fredrik Söderberg
Design: Mattias Givell
Printed by Litografen in Vinslöv AB
ISBN 978-91-977558-4-9
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Price: 160 SEK + shipping




Building chimneys [Bygga skorsten] is the first major book on the work of Jan Svenungsson. The book focuses on the artist's longstanding "chimney projects" and especially on the construction of The Eighth Chimney at Wanås in the summer of 2007, a work which is now permanently in the Park. All chimney sculptures created from 1992 to 2007 are discussed in both text and image. The book contains Jan Svenungsson's diary from the construction of the Eighth Chimney (published in Kristianstadsbladet in 2007), essays on the Chimney Project by Catharina Gabrielsson (architect, critic) and Jörg Heiser (editor-in-chief of Frieze Magazine,) and a foreword by Marika Wachtmeister.

Texts in Swedish and English
184 pages (131 color images)
Atlantis Förlag
Graphic design: Hans Cogne
Price: 350 SEK





The book Louise Bourgeois: Maman was published in conjunction with the introduction of the artwork of the same title to Wanås in 2006-2007. In the spring of 2007 Wanås Foundation arranged a seminar on Louise Bourgeois in which Griselda Pollock, Patrick Amsellem, Ingela Lind, and Bera Nordal participated. The texts presented during the seminar make up this book, which also contains many images of Maman at Wanås.

Authors: Marika Wachtmeister, Griselda Pollock, Bera Nordal, Ingela Lind, Patrick Amsellem
Editor: Marika Wachtmeister
Assistant editor: Elna Svenle
Photos: Anders Norrsell, Mathias Johansson
Design: Hans Cogne
ISBN: 9197397288
Language: English
136 pages
510 grams
Price: 250 SEK



This book is about the installation of Ann Hamilton's lignum at Wanås, published by Atlantis in April of 2005. Texts in Swedish and English by Mark C. Taylor, Björnermark Torsson, Mirjam Schaub, and Marika Wachtmeister, plus an interview of Ann Hamilton by Lynne Cooke.

Photos: Thibault Jeanson and Anders Norrsell
Graphic Design: Hans Cogne
Format: 290 x 225 mm
160 pages
Price: 300 SEK




Authors: Ralph Edenheim, Dick Harrison, Patrik Olsson, Pernilla Olsson, Stone Skansjö, Henrk Svensson, Solfrid South Lind, Eva Helen Ulvros, and Marika Wachtmeister

Editors: Marika Wachtmeister, Anna Johansson
Photos: Anders Norrsell
Design: Mattias Givell
Publisher: Wanås Exhibition Foundation
ISBN-13: 9789197397230
Size: 200 x 190 x 17 mm
Pages: 134
Language: Swedish
Printed: 2004
Weight: 530g
Price: 250 SEK



Authors: Gregory Volk, Marika Wachtmeister, Sune Nordgren, Raplh Edenheim

Editors: Rebekah Millhagen
Assistant Editor: Elisabeth Millqvist
Photos: Anders Norrsell
Design: Hans Cogne
ISBN: 9179882129
Language: English and Swedish
280 pages
Price: Sold out







Author: Marika Wachtmeister

Editor: Eva Ström, CG Wachtmeister
Photos: Anders Norrsell
Design: Gert Fors, CG Wachtmeister
ISBN: 91-87952-24-6
Language: Swedish
153 pages
 Price: 100 SEK