Eric Lennarth
Miljöaktiverare, 1987/2017

Jacob Dahlgren 
Primary Structure
Kari Cavén 
Cow Chapel, 1993


Anne Thulin 
Double Dribble, 2010

Robert Wilson
A House for Edwin Denby, 2000


Everyone is welcome at The Wanås Foundation. Below you find information regarding our accessibility. You can read about the possibilities, but also about the limits, you might find visiting when visiting us. Do you have special needs or a question you want to ask? Feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you and can easily be reached at tel. +46 44 – 660 71 or info[a] and when the Art Gallery is open (daily during the summer) also at +46 44 - 253 15 68. If you have questions regarding our accessibility please ask for Elin Magnusson.

How can we become more accessible? Please tell us!

Entré till toaletter vid parkeringen / Entrance to the toilets by the parking (2016-03)
Entré till toaletter vid parkeringen / Entrance to the toilets by the parking (2016-03)
Tillgänglig toalett vid parkeringen / Accessible toilet by the parking (2016-03)
Handfat i anslutning till toaletter vid parkeringen / Zink next to the toilets by the parking (2016-03)
Parkering för besökare med funktionshinder i anslutning till Konsthallen/ Parking for visitors with disabilities near the Art Gallery (2015-05)
Grusgång mot parken / Path towards the Park (2016-03)
Entré till Konsthall / Art Gallery entrance (2016-03)
Entré till tillgänglig toalett i Konsthallen / Entrance to the accessible toilet in the Art Gallery (2016-03)
Tillgänglig toalett i Konsthallen. Eget handfat finns till vänster om toalettstolen/ Accessible toilet in the Art Gallery. Zink to the left (2016-03)
Rullstol kan lånas i Konsthallen / Wheelchair available for loan in the Art Gallery (2016-03)

Golfbil kan lånas i Konsthallen / Golf cart available for loan in the Art Gallery (2016-08)

Grusgång mellan byggnaderna/ Path between the buildings (2016-03)

Grusgång mot parken / Path in the Park (2015-05)
Stig i parken / Path in the Park (2016-03)
Grusgång i parken / Path in the Park (2016-03)
Kuperad stig i parken / Path in the Park (2016-03)
Stig i parken / Path in the Park (2016-03)


•Before going out in the Park, please pick up a map at the entrance. There you will find detailed information regarding the paths and buildings and their accessibility. Wintermap (A3-format) to the park can be downloaded and printed here! 
•The accessibility of indoor installation may vary. Please have a look at the images above.

•The park has some rather hilly terrain and there are lots of different types of paths. Please have a look at the examples above.

•Entrance is free of charge for companions and personal assistants.

•Dogs are allowed in the park. Servant dogs are allowed indoors.
•The café serves options that do not contain gluten and lactose. They don´t use any nuts in their food.
•We use some slightly perfumed cleaning products and soap.

•Front doors are kept open during business hours and do not need to be manually opened.
•You can borrow a golf cart with room for 4 people. The golf cart is available days when we are open 11am–4pm and should be booked in advance tel. +46 44 253 15 68 or on site at least 1 hour before you want to use it. A Driver’s license required. (Maximum time for loans 90 mins.)
•Parking spots for people with disabilities are available next to the Art Gallery entrance (35 m). Visitors with disabilities may drive up to the gallery's entrance. Call +46 (0)44 - 253 15 68 and our staff will assist you.
•The Art Gallery has no thresholds.
•A wheelchair can be borrowed at the Art Gallery entrance.

•A changing table can be found inside the accessible restroom in the Art Gallery.
•The café offers a special Children’s menu (max 12 yrs.).
•A Stroller can be borrowed at the Art Gallery entrance.

•At times there’s a lot of noise outside e.g. when the lawns are mown.
•We have an hearing loop at the entrance. Please switch your hearing aid to “T”.

•Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are located in the gallery (2, 2x2, 2 m, door opening 90 cm).
•The restroom is equipped with an alarm button.
•There are two handles next to the toilet.
•The restroom door goes all the way to the floor.
•The restroom has a shelf and hooks where you can put your things.
•The door can be locked with one hand.

•Public restrooms, open 24 hours a day, are located next to the parking lot. One of these is larger than the others (1, 39 m wide and 1, 6 m long, door opening 90 cm).
•The door does not open automatically.
•The toilet only has one handle, on the left side of the toilet.
•There is no sink in the same space as the toilet.

•The installations Lignum and Vertigo as well as our screening room can appear dark.
•You are allowed to bring servant dogs indoors.
•We have tactile pictures of some of the art work. Please ask at the entrance.
•You are allowed to touch most of the artwork in the park.

•The Café offers lunches with organic and/or locally produced ingredients. The café is open during the Art Gallery's business hours.
•There is an area where you can bring your own picnic. Barbecues are not allowed.
•There is a small, unguarded cloakroom in the Art Gallery.
•Trash and recycling containers can be found in the parking lot. Please note there are no bins in the Park.

Accessibility information updated: 2017-01-25. PDF for print

Welcome to the Wanås Foundation!