Eric Lennarth
Miljöaktiverare, 1987/2017

Jacob Dahlgren 
Primary Structure
Kari Cavén 
Cow Chapel, 1993


Anne Thulin 
Double Dribble, 2010

Robert Wilson
A House for Edwin Denby, 2000

Archive Special Projects

In 2013 Wanås Konst received support from Kulturrådet for an collaborative project in South Africa called Connecting Culture. The project’s purpose is to work with art and education, exchange experiences, and build a network of institutions. The realization of this project is an important part of Wanås Konst ‘s ongoing commitment to provide diverse expressions and to emphasize education through our exhibitions. Our partner institution in South Africa is the Nirox Foundation. Both Wanås Konst and the Nirox Foundation are part of the Long Run Initiative, which is a project by the Zeitz Foundation, focusing on unique destinations throughout the world that strive for highest level of environmental sustainability.

Konstmöte [Art Encounter] is a recurring project in which high school students are able to work directly with artists on site. In 2011, students from Malmö Art Academy explored, together with high school students from Christian 4:s Gymnasium in Kristianstad and Hässleholm's Technical School, performance as an art form. The collaboration was a component of the Malmö Art Academy's course on performance, taught by Maria Hedlund. Art Academy students exhibited work in 2012 related to performance in conjunction with video documentation of their collaboration with high school students.

Speciell Specialvisning [Special Special Exhbition]: In 2011, we began a project with 9th graders at Apelgårdskolan in Malmö. Over the course of a few months, students were immersed in some of the pieces in our collection, which resulted in the students offering a public exhibition from a teenager's perspective.

Stockholm's Royal Dramatic College held a class at Wanås Konst as part of their masters program in sound art. The program is an interdisciplinary approach that caters to professionals interested in deepening and exploring sound art: exploring both methods and processes within the sound art field and providing insight into the role sound art plays contemporary art. During the class held at Wanås Konst, participants developed their own walking guides, approaching both the site and the art from different angles. They also studied the sound work exhibited at Wanås Konst as part of their exploration of sound in contemporary art. The class at Wanås Konst was developed in collaboration with Lotta Erikson, Lecturer in Radio Production

In 2012 Srinivasa Prasad was invited from India to make a new work of art. In connection with his visit, Wanås Art took part in a collaboration involving workshop activities in both Sweden and India. Our partner was the Creative India Foundation (CIF) and the project was entitled Show & Tell - Artistic and Educational Practices in Sweden and India. It was supported by the Swedish Arts Council.

Wanås Konst participates in the Working Group (Arbetsgruppen) for art and visual communication, and in other networks of cultural institutions.

Wanås Ungdoms Projekt 2012 / Wanås Youth Project 2012

Wanås Ungdoms Projekt 2011 / Wanås Youth Project 2011