Eric Lennarth
Miljöaktiverare, 1987/2017

Jacob Dahlgren 
Primary Structure
Kari Cavén 
Cow Chapel, 1993


Anne Thulin 
Double Dribble, 2010

Robert Wilson
A House for Edwin Denby, 2000

Henrik Håkansson, The Reserve (001), 2009/2012
Henrik Håkansson, (Chronicles) Wanås, MAR3, 2009 - MAY3, 2009, 2009
Janine Antoni, 2038, 2000
Tue Greenfort, Milk Heat, 2009
Paul Ramirez Jonas, When the Saints Come Marching In, 2000 (detalj/detail) 


At Wanås our relationship to the environment plays an important role in everything we do. Wanås is one of northern Europe's largest organic farms, and milk has been produced here since the 18th century. The milk from our farm is organic, certified as climate-friendly, and labeled with its origin.  Wanås' geographic location is optimal for both animal husbandry and forestry. The farm's forests are FSC-certified, and Wanås is an EU Wildlife Estate. Since 2009, Wanås Konst has been working seriously on environmental issues and on mitigating our negative impact on the earth's resources.

Arts institutions often have a negative impact on the environment through, among other things, the use of climate controlled exhibition spaces, long-distance transport of works of art, use of packaging materials, and by continually building new exhibits to captivate their audiences. At Wanås our large exhibition space is the Park, where our permanent collection stands year round. Each year we supplement with temporary exhibitions, and most of the artworks are constructed on site. When it comes to transportation, we recommend that artists travel by train and bus. In 2009 the foundation became a member of the Ecolabelling Sweden network, which means we have made a commitment to environmentally friendly purchases and practices. Since January 2012, Wanås (both foundation and estate) is also a Global Ecosphere Retreat ® certified by Long Run Destination (LRD). LRD helps us manage our work by setting new important goals for our environmental work each year. We are convinced that every change is significant – big or small. 

Read more about our environmental work under the labels Long Run Destination and the Ecolabel.