Eric Lennarth
Miljöaktiverare, 1987/2017

Jacob Dahlgren 
Primary Structure
Kari Cavén 
Cow Chapel, 1993


Anne Thulin 
Double Dribble, 2010

Robert Wilson
A House for Edwin Denby, 2000


During the fall of 2016, we will continue to explore live art. This began in 2014 with the exhibition Dance Me, where sculpture and dance were united in the interest of art, participation, choreography, and movement. Last year, we explored Wanås Konst’s performance history in the exhibition Past Performance. This fall, we invite you to three weekends of dance and performance at Wanås Konst. Rachel Tess, Associate Curator Dance at Wanås Konst, tells us more: ”Wanås is a place where dance both forms and is formed by its context. By lifting dance out of its usual contexts, choreographers and dancers gain the opportunity to work with what it means to encounter a partially new audience within an art context.”

Wanås Konst LIVE Fall Choreographies
Performances August 20 – 21, additional program September 11 and October 1 – 2. Bookings konsthall[a] or tel. +46 44 - 253 15 68. Please let us know what performance you would like to attend.

Fall choreographies is a collaboration with MARC and made possible with support by Swedish Arts Council and Kultur Skåne.

Rachel Tess & Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Scratch, 2016. Photo Luis Alberto Rodriguez

About the artists and program

October 1 & 2, 2016

Zoë Poluch (b. in London, Canada. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.)
1pm (45 minutes)

In her solo dance EXAMPLE, Zoë Poluch investigates whether it is possible to create timeless dance. How should dance look, taste, feel, sound? It begins in darkness before Poluch takes the audience on a journey through imaginary and fictional landscapes. The choreographic material is made by choreographers of different generations, countries, and styles. EXAMPLE is presented in collaboration with Tour de Dance, a new independent platform for dance, founded by Stina Dahlström, Tove Dahlblom and Anna Efraimsson.

Anna Pehrsson (b. in Boliden, Sweden, in 1973. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.)
Cut in/Fold Out 
3pm (App. 60 minutes)

Surface and superficiality are not the same thing; the body is a surface of layers and folds. In Anna Pehrsson’s performance, she begins with the body as a projection surface for the ideas that form the age in which we live. She surfs on the energy and approaches an intimacy based on friction and instability rather than the safe and familiar. The work is in collaboration with Thomas Zamolo (lighting) and Siegmar Zacharias (artistic advisor).

Siegmar Zacharias
Performance lecture PLEASE NOTE only October 1st
4.30 pm (20 minutes)


August 20 & 21, 2016

Dinis Machado (b. in Porto, Portugal, in 1987. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.)
1pm (App. 50 minutes) 

In Paradigm, Dinis Machado creates a homemade folklore for bodies with unclear identities. He invents fictional objects and creates alternative stories with movements, rituals, and music. This process creates an atmosphere that is both familiar and unfamiliar in which he poses questions about deviation and belonging. Paradigm has previously been performed at WELD in Stockholm, Milvus Artistic Research Center (MARC) in Kivik, and Tjörnedala art gallery in Baskemölla, among others.

Rachel Tess (b. in Portland, Oregon, USA, in 1980. Lives and works in Kivik, Sweden.)
3pm (60 minutes)

Thirteen photographs form the starting point for Rachel Tess’ new performance. The images use Tess herself as a subject and depict thirteen different contexts. What associations and stories do these images create? How can they be translated into movement? Using the qualities of the photographs, Tess creates a series of short performance acts that can be seen both as individual portraits and as a whole. Scratch is a collaboration between Rachel Tess (dance and choreography), Luis Alberto Rodriguez (photography), and Uli Ruchlinski (sound and lighting).

September 11, 2016

Helena Olsson (b. in Ängelholm, Sweden, in 1982. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.)
Touch Tour Wanås
2pm (1–1,5 hours)

How do we look at the art at Wanås? In a guided performance tour of the park, Helena Olsson takes us through the Wanås Konst collection by touching the artworks. A dozen works have been chosen, and for each individual work, the visitors follow a specially prepared method. The focus is not only physical contact, but also touching the artworks according to specific instructions. The tour and the art become just as much a tactile as visual experience, as well as a reflection on the role of the tour guide as bearer of knowledge. Touch Tour began as a collaboration between artists Helena Olsson and Lily Benson.