Eric Lennarth
Miljöaktiverare, 1987/2017

Jacob Dahlgren 
Primary Structure
Kari Cavén 
Cow Chapel, 1993


Anne Thulin 
Double Dribble, 2010

Robert Wilson
A House for Edwin Denby, 2000

Wanås Konst

Wanås is a place where art, nature, and history meet. Wanås Konst produces, presents, and communicates contemporary art to both the initiated and the novice. International contemporary art with a focus on site-specific installations has been shown here since 1987. Every year Nordic and international artists are invited to create art in the Park. Today the Park hosts over 50 permanent works, and over 4,000 children participate in our art-based educational activities every year. Marika Wachtmeister founded the organization in 1987 and was the director until 2010 Read more ...The organization is currently co-directed by Elisabeth Millqvist and Mattias Givell Read more ...Wanås consists of a castle, an organic farm, an art gallery, a sculpture park, a museum shop and deli, and an organic café and is located in the municipality of Östra Göinge in northeastern Skåne.

Marianne Lindberg De Geer, Jag tänker på mig själv – Wanås 2003/I am Thinking About Myself – Wanås 2003, 2003
Sagofestival hos Wanås Konst / Fairytale Festival at Wanås Art
Pål Svensson, Sprungen ur/Sprung From, 1996
Drycker, kryddor och eterneller i Wanås Deli / Beverages, spices and immortelles in Wanås Deli
Jason Rhoades, Frigidaire (Cold Wind), 1996
Glimåkra preparandkurs besöker Wanås Konst /  Glimåkra preparatory course visiting Wanås Art
Yoko Ono, Wish Trees for Wanås, 1996/2011
Överblicksbild av Wanås Shop / Overview of Wanås Shop
Yoko Ono, Wish Trees for Wanås, 1996/2011
Henrik Håkansson, The Reserve (001), 2009-2012
Wanås Konsts projekt "Det var en gång" / Wanås Arts project "Once upon a time"
Chutney, tunnbröd och smaksatt socker i Wanås Deli / Chutney, flatbread and flavored sugar in Wanås Deli
En sommardag hos Wanås Konst & Café / A summer day at Wanås Art & Café
Workshop hos Wanås Konst under Barnens Bästa Biennal / Workshop at Wanås Art for Childrens Best Biennial
Wanås Konsts Konsthall / Wanås Arts Gallery
Överblicksbild av Wanås Shop / Overview of Wanås Shop


Wanås is a place where art, nature, and history meet. Here we have been producing, presenting and sharing international contemporary art with a focus on site-specific sculptures and installations since 1987. Every year, Nordic and international artists are invited to create art in the Park, and currently there are more than 50 permanent works in our collection produced by artists specifically for Wanås. This site-specific collection includes works by Yoko Ono, Jenny Holzer, Srinivasa Prasad, Ann Hamilton, Ann-Sofi Sidén, Jacob Dahlgren, Henrik Håkansson, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Per Kirkeby, Marianne Lindberg De Geer, Dan Graham, and Jan Hafstrom. Wanås was initially focused on three-dimensional sculpture from the Nordic countries and the United States, but today our perspective has expanded to include both the world outside the West and the cousins of the visual arts: ​​design, dance, architecture, text, and even science. Read more...

In addition to producing and presenting art, publishing books, and organizing seminars, Wanås Konst engages more than 4,000 children in educational activities each year. Our educational activities are constantly growing and evolving, currently with a focus on including people with disabilities and people unfamiliar with art. Read more...

To diversify, deepen and further improve your visit to Wanås, there is an organic lunch café Fredholm på Wanås, Wanås Shop with locally produced creative design, art books, and toys, Wanås Deli which offers local delicacies from more than 50 Swedish and Danish food artisans, and Wanås Konst Editions featuring work by Wanås artists.

Besides the art, the Wanås estate consists of a white castle in the beautiful, medieval Danish style, an organic milk farm, forests, pastures, and farmland. Wanås is located in Östra Göinge in northeastern Skåne, which until the late 17th century was a war-torn area on the Danish-Swedish border. Read more...

All activities at Wanås are characterized by a strong commitment to the environment and to promoting the development of rural areas. The farm's production is labeled organic and Co2 certified, and Wanås Konst is a member of Svanenkklubben. Wanås Konst produces sustainably and locally, Wanås Shop and Wanås Deli offer sustainable, organic, and locally produced selections. Fredholm på Wanås serves organic and locally-produced lunches and deserts.

Since 2011, the organization has been led by Elisabeth Millqvist (operations manager and artistic director) and Mattias Givell (operations manager and project manager). Together, they lead the business and continue to improve the international profile for contemporary art at Wanås. Founder Marika Wachtmeister initiated the first exhibitions at Wanås in 1987.

Wanås Konst part of the Wanås Exhibitions Foundation. Wanås is located in the Östra Göinge municipality in northeastern Skåne and is visited by 60–80,000 visitors annually. Wanås Konst is generously supported by Region Skåne, the National Arts Council, the Östra Göinge municipality, and foundations and private sponsors.

Wanås Konst exhibits new projects every year between May and November, when the art gallery, shop, and café are also open. The Sculpture Park is open year round, although some sculptures are put way for the winter.